P3/4 Homework Tasks

Gordon’s Got a Snookie

Look screeched Abu, the smallest gorilla.


What’s a snookie? asked the Yak.

A snookie, said the gnu, is a cuddly, a comforter, a blanky-blanky.

We have been reading this wonderfully subversive book by Lisa Shanahan.

The children now know about Mr. D’s snookie.

For Thursday 23rd February please come to school with your very own snookie.

If too fragile, precious or embarrassing please supply a photograph.

Be ready with answers to the What, When, Where, Who and Why questions about your snooke.


For Friday 24th February is the day you must present evidence of working through your personal target.

We are looking forward to a wide selection of shared evidence such as, photographs, videos, notes, emails, tastings, recitals, readings, magic tricks and dancing!

All evidence brought or emailed to school by Friday.

Dress Down Day Returns


Dress Down Day Friday 24th February

Our new Pupil Councillors, Eva, Rian, Ava, Rory, James, Connor, Ollie, Josh, Tye, Finlay, Angus and Matthew…have the pleasure of informing you that on the last Friday of the month pupils will be allowed to come to school in non-uniform.

 All that is required is an item from the list to donate to our monthly foodbank collection.

 We will delivering our donations to the Blythswood depot in Inverness. More information about the scheme is available here:



 On Friday 24th February come in non-uniform but bring an item from the list above – and drop it in the box at the front door.

Shoes and Clothes

A sweep was done of the cloakrooms yesterday with all items of footwear and clothing brought into the open area.  Children have begun to identify items that belong to them, but we are still left with a significant amount.

If you are aware of missing any items of clothing please feel free to pop in and take a look at the assortment on display, the majority of this is aged between 6 and 9 years old.  Anything not removed by the end of the day tomorrow will be donated to the school.

Many thanks, Mr Grandison

P3/4 Homework Tasks

Sole Searching…

We are making a Dr Seuss display for a shared area. We are making shoes in class to display on the wall. The opening lines to the book Wacky Wednesday are:

It all began with a shoe on the wall.

A shoe on the wall shouldn’t be there at all.


The shoes construction will be done in stages during the week but I wonder if you could help your child find a suitable material that could become the sole of the shoe? I was thinking packaging, foam, an old mousemat, polystyrene…?

It could be enough to cover the template provided today or enough to build a heel too!

Also, could you find a suitable lace for your child’s shoe?

Next Inquiry Unit

From 27th February we will be starting a new inquiry. I am interested to know what the students would like to research into. Could you take a few minutes to ask your child where they would like their learning to go for the remainder of the term? Nothing written required.

We are rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and some of us to 100 and even the nearest 1000.

Remembering the rap… have a go at these games if you wish.

1,2,3 or 4 round down to the 10 before

5,6,7,8 or 9 round up to the next 10 on the number line!




Don’t forget… weekend photograph (Andy.Davidson@highland.gov.uk)

Reading and words to learn.