P3/4 Homework Task

Homework Task Week 6

Get your own Me Tub ready to bring into school on Thursday 8th December


At school we are working through some activities that allow us think about our personal abilities and interests, those that contribute towards our identity. Me tubs are a great way for children to share with other students some things perhaps unique to themselves and tell something about them.

It is also a great activity for introducing inference, a reading skill we will be promoting in the next few weeks. And for promoting talking and listening skills it is ideal.

Your child will have already seen Me Tub examples that belonged to their class teacher and Mrs Watson. As their teacher removed something from their Me Tub it was explained to the children that the item was a clue that told them something about their teacher. The children were asked to search their brain and see if they could infer something about their teacher. They might have asked some good questions to get more information about the items being taken out.

Mr D had in his Me Tub:

  • A marathon medal
  • A photograph of his book pile
  • A photograph of his grandfather in Egypt
  • A band poster
  • A nutmeg
  • A bottle of spicy sauce
  • A motorcycle magazine
  • Some earplugs
  • Sun Lotion
  • A football scarf
  • A tin of sardines
  • A shell

Find a suitable tub… something with a lid, that you can bring to school easily. You might be transporting some things which are precious or fragile and we don’t want people seeing the contents too soon. A shoebox makes a great Me Tub but any imaginative container will do.

You could spend the week personalising your Me Tub?

Put in items that tell a lot about you – remember it could be your likes or dislikes, some clues to your interests or abilities. Some things will require others to ask questions to find out more.

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s Me Tubs.

*Reminder* Jack and the Beanstalk

Today M&M Productions will visit Croy School to perform their version of the traditional pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk.  All children in P1-P7 will be present and I hope they enjoy the afternoon.  The Friends of Croy School have very kindly donated snacks for every child.

Lunchtime has had to be altered to allow access to the hall from 12.30pm.  All children will be released for lunch at 12pm.  If your child is having a Home Dinner please be aware they will be early.

Many thanks,

Mr Grandison

P3/4 Homework Tasks

P3/4 Homework Week 5

Due back Thursday 1st December.

This homework is due on the first day of December.  It is also the first day of advent.

Your challenge is design your own advent calendar as a countdown to Christmas Day.

You may keep it simple, or let your creative and technical skills run riot. As long as you have some way of showing the numbers 1 to 24. Calendars could have lift-the-flaps, things that move, things to open, to turn over… contain messages, sweets or small items…?

Calendars will be returned to you on Thursday 1st December so that you can use them at home.

Here are some links that might get you thinking of your own. This homework, with links, will be live on the blog Friday.




Data Check Forms

We still have a number of Data Check forms outstanding.  These are very important documents, which ensure the contact details for families held by the school are correct.  If you have not yet returned a completed form for your child please do so by Monday 28th November.

If you require a replacement from please contact the school office.